Camera Azzurra

The Camera Azzurra “Light Blue Room” is a very attractive room. Its predominant colour is a very pale blue which merges into pearl grey and shades of cream. It has a canopy bed and a balcony overlooking the inner garden.

Camera Blu

The Camera Blu “Blue Room” is a large double room. Blue represents total calm; tension decreases and defence mechanisms work to recharge the body: the body relaxes and recovers energy.

Camera Rosa

The Camera Rosa “Pink Room” a medium-sized double room. The colour pink represents sensitivity, gentleness and warmth. It is the colour of emotions and indeed, a stay in this room with a delicate and dreamy atmosphere has the effect of stimulating the emotional sphere, thereby favouring interior peace and an emotional balance.

Camera Rossa

The Camera Rossa “Red Room” is a large double room. It is one of the most charming in the entire residence. Its carefully juxtaposed colours induce a physiological state that generates energy. Red evokes spontaneous momentum, willpower, vitality and determination in all their manifestations.

Suite Verde

The Suite Verde “Green Suite” is a double room with a living area, which is furnished with a comfortable sofa bed. Green expresses firmness and constancy and attributes great value to the ego in all forms of possession and self-assertion.


Antica Residenza D’Azeglio, luxury Bed and Breakfast in Bologna, boasts a cosy lounge decorated with soft colours and furnished with comfortable sofas and large-screen LCD satellite TV channels, where guests can enjoy moments of relaxation.

In the morning, a sumptuous and spacious table surrounded by comfortable upholstered chairs is nicely laid for breakfast. Guests also have access to an attractive balcony overlooking a quiet inner courtyard.